In May 2024 we kicked off AlgaeVALOR project.
This project aims to utilize seaweed side streams after various extractions have taken place to maximize yield from the precious crop. This will be used in biomaterials and textile dyes. The project partners are BlueBlocks, Spaak, Algaia, The Seaweed Company Green Turtle and UGent.

For this project, The Seaweed Company Green Turtle and Algaia will provide brown seaweed from their operations and UGent will provide Ulva from their laboratories. These samples will first arrive at Zeefier, where we will extract pigments to develop textile dyes, which are an excellent alternative to polluting chemicals. After this process a pulp is left which can be compressed into SeaWood by BlueBlocks, a biodegradable building material.

Spaak will oversee key data in this chain to make the process tangible and scalable. We want to use the outcome of this project as a communication tool for the technological opportunities in the seaweed industry as well as the power of collaboration.

The project is funded by Interreg North West Europe, for which we attended the approved projects seminar in February (photo). The project will run until June 2025 and we aim to tell you more about the progress over the coming months.

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