The Netherlands, 16-01-2024


Color with purpose: Zeefier’s palette as a Statement of Sustainability and Style
Did you know that 20% of the pollution of clean water worldwide is caused by chemicals and dyes from the textile industry (source: Solidaridad)? At Zeefier, our commitment to redefining the textile industry goes beyond design – it’s about making a conscious choice with every color. Our color palette, thoughtfully curated by our founder and artivist, Nienke Hoogvliet, is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and meets the demands of our valued partners.
Curated by Design
Nienke Hoogvliet, with her keen eye for design and sustainability, has meticulously curated a color palette that speaks nature. Each hue is selected not just for its visual appeal but for its environmental impact, aligning with our mission to transform the textile landscape. The color palette draws inspiration from the seaweed utilized in creating these hues, using red, brown, and green seaweed which are available worldwide. 
Meeting Commercial Demands
Zeefier’s palette is strategically designed to meet the demands of our partners. These are not just any colors; they are the most sought-after, commercially viable shades requested by our collaborative partners in the industry. These partnerships are a crucial aspect of Zeefier’s color journey. Zeefier actively engages with and responds to the needs of our partners, meaning we only produce colors where there is demand for it, to ensure we do not overproduce if it is not necessary.  
Through this process we not only contribute to a more sustainable supply chain, but also ensure that our colors resonate with the market.   
Storytelling Through Color
Narratives unfold through colors at Zeefier, where every hue carries a unique story. Ranging from subdued greys to tranquil naturals, our color palette mirrors our dedication to ethical sourcing and sustainable methodologies with seaweed contributing to the spectrum of hues. While trends may come and go, Zeefier’s color palette endures. By incorporating the most in-demand commercial colors, we ensure that our textiles remain relevant and desirable in a market that values both style and sustainability. 
Zeefier’s color palette becomes a canvas for your wardrobe and your interior. By embracing these consciously chosen hues, you’re not just wearing textiles; you’re making a statement about your values, contributing to a more sustainable textile ecosystem.  
Collective Impact
In our pursuit of transforming the textile industry, we recognize that change is a collective effort. Zeefier alone cannot revolutionize the way we view and utilize color in textiles. It’s a shared commitment to sustainability, innovation, and conscious design that propels us forward.  
Join us on this vibrant journey as we challenge industry norms, one color at a time. Zeefier’s palette is a celebration of sustainability, style, and the power of purposeful design.