What’s in our name?

Zeefier < Zee (Sea) – Fier (Proud) < Ζέφυρος [Zéphyros]

Our name is two-fold.

First, Zephyr in Duch is pronounced as ‘zee’ and ‘fier’, meaning ‘sea’ and ‘proud’. Zeefier is proud of all the beauty the seas and oceans have to offer. That is why Zeefier is determined to use and nourish that beauty to its full potential by replacing as many dangerous synthetical dyes as possible with natural seaweed dyes.

Second, Zephyr(os) was one of the Anemoi, the worshipped wind gods in ancient Greek religion and myths. As the Greek god of the west wind, Zephyr was known as the gentlest of winds, the one with a silk touch. It was a prosperous wind, necessary to reach your destination. iIn ancient Greece, they often called upon Zephyr for a safe journey.

We need a safe journey towards a more durable textile industry, and seaweed could be our essential wind towards that destination

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Origin Story



Zeefier was founded by Anne Boermans and Nienke Hoogvliet in 2020. For the past 10 years, Nienke conducted research about seaweeds, and its possibilities to make textile dye out of it. She wrote a book about her findings called ‘Seaweed Research’. Textile companies began to request her natural seaweed dyes, so she teamed up with Anne, the business founder of Zeefier, to supply the textile industry and make a large-scale impact. Currently, a diverse team of 6 is devoted to realizing our dream: to be the biggest seaweed dye company in the world

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