Scarf Wool Giant Kelp


This pure woolen scarf is hand-dyed in a soft yellow hue with Giant Kelp seaweed in our atelier in The Netherlands, Europe. We use the by-product of other industrial processes to create our 100% natural seaweed-based dye. The organic wool is light and slightly transparent, yet warm and comfortable.

Dimensions: circa 70 x 180 cm

Please note that the color on your screen might be different than the actual color of the product.

We produce your scarf by hand so please take into account a delivery time of approximately 6 weeks.

Each scarf is numbered with a unique code.

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We believe in buying carefully and cherishing your items. All our items are made as one-size-fits-all because we believe that women, men, and children of all ages and sizes can decide what to wear however they like it. We select our materials carefully at the moment we use silk and wool for our dyes. These materials contain precious qualities like softness, shine, durability, and insulation. Therefore we believe that they are the perfect combination to embody our desire to create long-lasting products that are cherished for a lifetime. We carefully select our suppliers and only work with certified organic silks and wools. We use (GOTS) certified silk and wool, made in the Netherlands.

Our dream is to have our own seaweed materials (yarns) dyed in our own seaweed dyes. Research is ongoing, the results are promising so please check our socials and/or newsletter to follow our progress.

We believe in care for our products after their purchase:

  • Don’t wash your item after every use.
  • When ironing your item, make sure it is really necessary and if so, check your iron for the correct settings (wool or silk setting).
  • Although your item can be exposed to sunlight, it is a natural product, so store it in a dark location.

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