What does Zeefier mean?

Zeefier < Zee (sea) – fier (proud) < Ζέφυρος [Zéphyros]

Zephyr(os) was one of the Anemoi, the worshipped wind gods in ancient Greek religion and myths. As the Greek god of the west wind, Zephyr was known as the gentlest of winds, the one with a silk touch. It was a prosperous wind, necessary to reach your destination. In ancient Greece, they often called upon Zephyr for a safe journey. Homer even referenced the west wind in The Odyssey, the epic poem about Odysseus’ journey after the Trojan War. The keeper of the winds gave Odysseus a leather bag containing all the winds but the prosperous west wind, which was needed for his safe return to Ithaca.

Phonetically, Zephyr is pronounced in Dutch sound as ‘zee’ and ‘fier’, meaning ‘sea’ and ‘proud’. Being a Dutch initiative, Zeefier is proud of all the beauty the waters of the Netherlands have to offer. The purpose of Zeefier is to raise awareness on sustainability in the textile industry by proposing
seaweed as a viable resource. It will be a long journey, but one worth taking. Seaweed can, therefore, be considered as the essential west wind on the road to a more durable textile industry.

What products do you have?

We currently have silk and woolen scarves that we have dyed with our own unique seaweed paint in our own studio in The Hague. Hand-painted.

When are new products coming?

More dye products will follow in the future, so keep an eye on our socials. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Why dyed with seaweed?

The sea has so much to offer. Which is why it needs protection. Now more than ever. Seaweed, one of the sea’s most recognizable – albeit underrated – inhabitants, has been utilized, harvested, and cultivated in coastal communities for centuries. Yet, only recently, seaweed has emerged as a novel resource for the textile industry. Seaweed doesn’t need precious agricultural ground or freshwater to grow. It even cleans the air from CO2 and produces oxygen. The textile industry is the second most polluting industry worldwide. So the change has to start right now.

70% of our world is water so there’s a lot of seaweed for our dyes.

What is your shipping policy?

Each piece is made to order in an effort to reduce waste in the clothing industry and encourage more mindful consumption. That means that the waiting time between your order and our delivery will be 3-6 weeks. We make a deliberate effort to get your product to you as fast and as sustainably as possible. Standard shipping: 3-6 weeks after processing.

How can I pay?

Zeefier works with many payment systems such as ideal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, and Apple pay via Mollie.

You can pay via Mollie’s secure payment environment.

Via iDEAL. With this payment method, you can process the payment directly with your own bank during the ordering process. You pay in your trusted internet payment environment from Ogone, one of the largest payment platforms worldwide, based on specific security methods from your own bank. If you use telephone banking, you can immediately use iDEAL, without having to register for it.

Via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). You can safely enter your credit card details via our secure SSL procedure and we will ensure correct processing together with your credit card organization.

Via Paypal. This payment method is accepted worldwide and safe.

How and when do you deliver my product?

We try to deliver your parcel when possible by bike delivery.

Unfortunately, delivery by bicycle is not yet available everywhere, so we also deliver via regular parcel post We ship all orders within 6 working weeks of receipt of payment. For orders that are sent to a foreign address, longer delivery times apply. This is done via PostNL to the delivery address indicated when ordering. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, you can pick up the package at the post office in your area. Because the shipment represents a high value, it is sent as a parcel post.

How can I wash my Zeefier product?

Your Zeefier loves to be washed by hand
We recommend cleaning your Zeefier product by hand wash.

Seaweed is a natural ingredient for the dye and natural fabrics are delicate, it is washed preference with hand. The natural clothing dye should be hand washed in cold water with mild soap.

Your Zeefier loves separate washing
We recommend cleaning your Zeefier product by separate hand wash. Wash your zeefier product separately and do not let it rest in the water for long; remove it quickly.

Laundry detergent for your Zeefier
We recommend cleaning your Zeefier product with plant-based detergents. Some examples of ecological detergents: Ecover, Sonett, Seepje, and Eco-Lino. Always make sure that you do not use too much detergent.

Drying your Zeefier
We recommend drying your Zeefier product in the shade, without direct sunlight. This will help your natural clothing dye to stay intact on to the fabric and will prevent it from fading. A dryer is not necessary and we, therefore, advise not to use a dryer. Your Zeefier products can dry perfectly in a natural way in the shade.

Ironing your Zeefier
We recommend not too (often) to iron your Zeefier product. Try to iron less by hanging washed clothes as soon as possible (avoiding creases). You can also hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom while taking a shower. The steam helps to reduce creases.

Your Zeefier doesn’t need a fabric softener
We recommend not to use a fabric softener for your Zeefier product. Leaving out fabric softener provides a nice environmental benefit.

Your Zeefier cannot stand bleach
Natural product and bleach is not a good idea.

Storing your Zeefier in the dark
We recommend storing your Zeefier product in a dark place in a dark wardrobe to avoid direct sunlight and discoloration of naturally dyed clothing. The lightfastness of most natural clothing dyes is poor. This is why you should always store the naturally dyed cloth or natural clothing dye in a dark place. This will help your natural clothing dye to stay intact on the fabric and will prevent fading off.

Will my Zeefier product shrink?

Be aware that the average shrinkage is ca. 5% by our natural Zeefier products.

What about your carbon footprint?
For us, the change had to start with our daily practices at the offices. We gathered the data from all our team members and staff about trips taken throughout the year. To reduce this percentage, when traveling is needed for conferences or trades, we use the train as the main transport if the trip takes less than six hours. As our offices are based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Den Haag, our teams take public transport, bicycles, a sharing car system, or even come on foot to the offices as it is more convenient in big cities.

Where do you make the Zeefierproducts?

We make the dye and dye our products at the moment in Den Haag & Amsterdam & Rotterdam.

What’s your company address?

Our Company address is PO Box 16728, 1001 RE Amsterdam

Do you have tips for washing?

If you want more tips on the best way to wash your product, take a look at these platforms:

  • https://organiclifestyle.com/organic-cotton/care-instructions-for-naturally-dyed-
  • https://www.freewear.nl/blog/algemeen/wastips–hoe-was-je-kleding.html
  • https://www.seepje.nl/
  • https://www.ecover.com/nl/was/

Where can I leave a complaint?

It is, of course, annoying if you have a complaint about the product. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to pass on your complaint by e-mail. This can be done by e-mail or by telephone. We always try to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction.

After receipt of your complaint, you will receive a confirmation from us. We will answer your complaint within 14 days of receipt, if it needs more time, we will inform you.

What is the guarantee on your items?

Zeefier guarantees that the delivered items are good and meet the specifications stated in the offer. If this is not the case, you can return the item within 2 months. An exception to this is any color differences. Our products are hand-dyed with natural local seaweed. We, therefore, advise you to handwash or if needed use your washing machine on a 30° cycle. Defects that have arisen as a result of normal wear and tear or that are due to significant fault of the customer are not covered by the warranty.

Chamber of Commerce: 78483433

VAT no: NL861420135b01

How can I return a product?

Whilst we’re confident you’ll love your Zeefier products and we try to avoid carrying stock, we do want to ensure you have peace of mind making a purchase with us. So, we accept returns or exchanges within 14 days of receiving your order.

The product can only be returned unused and, if possible, in its original packaging. For returning the order, the return costs are for your account. We will credit the amount within 14 days.

The return address is:
Zeefier, Postbus 16728, 1001 RE Amsterdam